CS-Cart Multi-Vendor


CS-Cart is powering over 35,000 stores & marketplaces worldwide since 2005

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace builder has 500+ e-commerce features out of the box, fully Customizable and mobile-friendliness.
CS- Cart also include a pack of SEO tools. It is open source with regular updates. Most importantly you will always get software security patches of charge unlike with a free online marketplace and store builder where you’re on your own.

“If you have a million-dollar idea, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is here for you”

Akwad is reseller CS-Cart Multi-Vendor in Qatar:

Create and develop your e-commerce with CS-Cart!

Launch your online store right now. Akwad in Qatar is providing you the best solution to suit everyone’s needs with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor designed for selling all types of products, from physical products to software solutions.
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is very flexible; if you don’t find a function you need, Akwad can code it for you – CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is 100% open source. This marketplace allows you to arrange content on your marketplace pages by drag-and-drop.